Beauty and innovation

We always try in every product we make the beauty and innovation. As creativity and rationality.

Two elements that seem opposed but that push us to new horizons together. We continue to fly in the wind of the ideas that come from those who inspire us and guide us. So we want to continuously create products full of new, attractive as possible and with the best eco-friendly technology. Thanks to those who gives us the honor of being our customer and, with continuous guidance and practical support, makes all fascinating challenges.

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Look cute

Powerful and effective

Easy to use

Pure air around you

With Airò the air is sanitized by Plasma technology
cold, which can reduce viruses and bacteria by up to 99.5%

Hoods and hobs Baraldi

Extractor hoods and induction hobs for superior quality in the kitchen


Baraldi Hoods are the products of design, technologically advanced and able to meet every need. There are different types of hoods: Designer hoods, hanging cabinets, ceiling hoods, island hoods, rustic cabinets, Classic Hood. Each hood is made with the best materials available on the market and represent the excellence of Made in Italy.


The revolution in the cooking surface


The Suction hood Diamond is an integrated suction system at the sides of the induction hob.

Ceiling Hoods

Look up and see a bright, clean sky in the kitchen

hung Hoods

Imagine your most beautiful kitchen thanks to elegant and precious hoods

Hoods wall

Vedi la bellezza e senti l’efficacia di cappe potenti che aspirano con stile

island Hoods

He dreams of a modern design for elegant hoods that give importance to the kitchen

Built-in and classic hoods

Usa le cappe più pratiche e discrete per una migliore qualità dell’aria anche con spazi ridotti


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Product Versions


Countries where we export


Cups of coffee consumed in the company in a year

One goal

We have one single goal: to create the most beautiful kitchen hoods, innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly available today.

The product

Whichever model you choose you have to like it, and you must help us live better in the kitchen. In the end these are the true characteristics that we try to give each product for maximum satisfaction of those who use one of our kitchen hoods.

The Design

We love the beauty and elegance and design we always try its best expression.


We want an advanced technology but easy to use to help us to improve air quality in the kitchen.

The consumption

We like the high-performance but only with high levels of efficiency that reduce the power consumption. Clean energy, sustainability, respect for nature are the only sources to which we aspire.

Made in Italy

All models of Baraldi line are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy.

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