Breathe clean air.

Today most advanced active air purification systems are based on plasmaNorm® technology. Effective, reliable, safe.

An innovative application that can be mounted on different models of cooker hoods and cleans the air created by cooking smells, tobacco smoke, solvents and fine dust.

It also guarantees sterilization against germs, viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, mold and prevents their spread.

The cooker-hood is free from any connecting pipe with the outside. Clean and purified air remains in the house and avoids heated air loss in winter or conditioned air in summer.


  1. In addition to the multilayer aluminum filter used, we have inserted a post-filter technical material that blocks a high level of grease, humidity and dirt particles.
  2. Through a patented system of grids using metallic and ceramic material that when electrically activated, catalyze the molecules and eliminate the contaminated particles suspended in the air.
  3. Air passes through a thick layer of active carbon with a volume 10 times greater than conventional filters.This allows for total oxidation of the smell residues and the elimination of any presence of ozone in the air.


The end result is clean air without smells, fumes or grease totally good to breathe and perfect to live well in the kitchen.

The system does not require maintenance as the active processes regenerate and clean itself constantly. It is only  recommended washing the 1st filter when it becomes saturated in order not to reduce the extraction capacity of the cooker hood.

The system operates without noise at the lowest speed of the motor. It requires a low level of energy and does not use active ions or UV lights potentially harmful for health.