The recessed hood Integra is a hood with an innovative design, suitable for insertion into a modular kitchen.

Composed of a structure fire and brushed steel, has managed commands from a backlit electronic control.

The hood is equipped with efficient engines Dedicated to low power consumption. E 'can open the base of the hood to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations.

Functions are 4-speed with int. automatic switch-off timer, contain the indication cleaning and filter replacement, finally, contains a grease filter in washable multilayer aluminum.

Available with motor up to 380 m3 / h.


cappe Baraldi Integra


  • Consumer Class: B
  • Efficiency Engine: B
  • Lighting Efficiency: A
  • Filter Efficiency: C - A *
  • Motor capacity: up to 380 m3 / h
  • Pressure: 290 Pa
  • Annual consumption: 58 kW / year
  • Noise in the 3rd speed: 58 dB
  • Luci: LED 2 x 4 W


Size: 56, 86, 116 cm
Material: structure and fireplace brushed stainless
Controls: electronic push-button backlit
Features: 4-speed int. automatic switch-off timer, indication washing and replacement filters
Aspiration: perimeter with openable panel
Exit hole diameter: 120 mm with non-return valve
Version: aspirant - Filter
grease filter: Washable aluminum multilayer
Dist. Min. Cooktop: 50 cm

Accessorti on request

Total grease filter: Additional filter antigrassi
Odor filter: 2 on the engine side with activated carbon
Hi Filter: odor filter washable and reusable
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