A plan in an elegant and modern glass with an innovative elliptical suction capable of capturing fumes and vapors in an efficient and natural. The panel is lifted to facilitate the cleaning operations and maintenance. The hood is equipped with efficient engines dedicated to low power consumption, LED lights and touch panel.

The optional extras: Hi-filter or total grease filter.



  • Consumer Class: A
  • Efficiency Motor:
  • Lighting Efficiency: A
  • Filter Efficiency: C - A *
  • Motor capacity: up to 900 m3 / h
  • Pressure: 590 Pa
  • Annual consumption: 49 kW / year
  • Noise in the 3rd speed: 58 dB
  • Luci: LED 2 x 3 W


Size: 90 cm
Material: black / silver glass, structure and painted black fireplace
Controls: Touch panel backlit
Features: 4-speed int. automatic shutdown timer
Aspiration: Central elliptical
Exit hole diameter: 120-150 mm with non-return valve
Version: aspirant - Filter
grease filter: Washable aluminum multilayer
Dist. Min. Cooktop: 40 cm
Rear output: Available facility

Accessorti on request

Total grease filter: Additional filter antigrassi 95% (A *)
Odor filter: 2 on the engine side with activated carbon
Hi Filter: odor filter washable and reusable
Fireplaces Kit: fixed + extensible
TV remote
Bioskytech Module: with fireplace and total grease filter
Removable Engine: available for internal or external