The island suction hoods for large kitchens are a series of prestigious hoods that become protagonists in the kitchens of important dimensions. Sturdy and functional with the latest engine generation class A or A + up to 900 m3 / h. They are easily installed by means of brackets comfortable and can be used on the ceilings of various heights thanks to the extensible chimneys. The hoods island intake for large kitchens hyear measures of 90, 116, 146 or 176 cm. to adapt to the islands or peninsulas of the largest kitchens. They are always equipped with LED lights high brightness and low power consumption and can operate both in the suction version with aluminum filters and the grease filter for a filtration up to 95% of the fat or in the recirculation version also with anti washable odor filters and regenerable to long duration.

Each hood is made with the best materials available on the market and represent the excellence of Made in Italy.