An important hood in stainless steel or black and with its sleek profile and the tie rods are combined to become a designer product. His entire horizontal plane can be used as a shelf and versions are available with three lengths and the chimney on the right or left. Electronic control, perimeter aspiration throughout the downstairs and new LED lights for powerful illumination of the hob. E 'it equipped with the latest generation of engines up to 900 m3 / h.

cappe Baraldi ELEA ISOLA catalogo


  • Consumer Class: A
  • Efficiency Motor:
  • Lighting Efficiency: A
  • Filter Efficiency: C - A *
  • Motor capacity: up to 900 m3 / h
  • Pressure: 430 Pa
  • Annual consumption: 58 kW / year
  • Noise in the 3rd speed: 59 dB
  • Luci: LED 6 x 4 W


Size: 146 x 60, 176 x 60 cm, with a fireplace on the right or left
Material: structure and fireplace brushed stainless
Controls: Multi-function electronic control
Functions: 4 speed with int., Timer, automatic shutdown, indication washing and replacement filters
Aspiration: Perimeter extended with openable panel
Exit hole diameter: 120-150 mm with non-return valve
Version: aspirant - Filter
grease filter: Washable aluminum multilayer
Dist. Min. Cooktop: 65 cm

Accessorti on request

Total grease filter: additional filter antigrassi 95% (A *)
Odor filter: 2 on the engine side with activated carbon
Hi-Filter: odor filter washable and reusable
Modulo Bioskytech: con total grease filter
Removable Engine: available for internal or external