Kubic is a remote engine hood which can be placed outside of the hood itself. In particular, this model can be installed outside the dwelling provided that it is at a distance less than 6 meters from the hood.

Kubic, connected to the hood by means of simple cables, can be installed on a roof. In this way maximum suction and zero noise when actions your hood aspiranteLa of Kubic structure is in brushed stainless steel. Weather resistant.

Cappe Baraldi Kubic


  • Consumer Class: A
  • Efficiency Motor:
  • Lighting Efficiency: A
  • Filter Efficiency: C - A *
  • Motor capacity: up to 1,000 m3 / h
  • Pressure: 590 Pa
  • Annual consumption: 58 kW / year
  • Noise in the 3rd speed: 58 dB


Size: 46 x 42 x 28 cm
Material: Frame and cover brushed stainless
Commands: related to those of the hood
Features: 4-speed
Aspiration: extended on the lower plane
Exit hole diameter: 120-150 mm with non-return valve
Version: extractor
Filtro antigrasso: -
Max Dist. From the hood: 600 cm

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