Cappe Baraldi Roxy


A precise curve for a perfect extraction table. The curved glass with the slots in the right position to allow capture fumes and vapors in a fast and effective way. The panel lift to facilitate the operations of cleaning and maintenance. The cooker hood is equipped with efficient motors dedicated to low-power, LED lights and touch controls.


Energy class: A
Motor efficiency: A
Motor efficiency: A
Filters efficiency: C - A*
Max airflow: fino 900 m3/h
Max pressure: 590 Pa
Annual consumption: 58 Kw/anno
3° speed noise level: 57 dB
Adjustable lights: LED 2 x 3 W

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  • Size: 90 cm
  • Material:  black glass, body and chimney painted black
  • Controls: backlit touch control
  • Functions: 4 speed with boost, timer, automatic switch off
  • Extraction: on double curved lines
  • Duction: 120 – 150 mm with check valve
  • Option: duction or filtered
  • Grease filter: in aluminium multilayer, washable
  • Min. Distance from hob: 40 cm
  • Back outlet: available on structure


  • Total grease filter: additional grease filter 95%
  • Charcoal filters: 2 filters on side of motor
  • Hi Filter: washable and regenerable smell filter
  • Kit of chimneys: fisso + estensibile
  • Remote control
  • Bioskytech Module: with chimney and total grease filter
  • Removable motor: available for internal or external