The Company



What we are trying to do.
We have always been looking beauty and innovation for each product that makes. Like creativity and rationality.

Two elements that seem to be opposed but push us together towards new horizons. We keep flying in the wind of ideas that come from all those who inspire and guide us.

That’s why we want to keep up to date products that are full of new features, as attractive as possible and with the best eco-friendly technology.

Thanks to who honored us to be our customer and, with continuous guidance and concrete support, makes all the challenges fascinating.

One goal

We have one and only goal: to create the most beautiful, innovative, efficient and eco-friendly cooker hoods for kitchens available today.

The product

Any model you choose should like you and help you live better in the kitchen.
At the end, these are the real features that we try to give to each product for the utmost satisfaction of those who use one of our cooker hood.

The Design

We love beauty and elegance and with design we always look for its best expression.


We want a sophisticated but easy to use technology that helps us improve air quality in the kitchen.

The consumption

We like high performance but only with high levels of efficiency that reduce electrical consumption. Clean energy, sustainability, and respect for nature are the only sources we are inspired by.

Made in Italy

All models of the Baraldi line are designed, projected and manufactured in Italy.

Product versions
The countries we export
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